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American Waldensian Society

AWS meeting

The American Waldensian Society collects funds from the United States for the Waldensian Church and the church's various religious and social efforts in Italy, Uruguay and Argentina. Founded in New York in 1906, the Society also facilitates exchanges between church members and congregations between Waldensians in Europe and South America, and Protestants in the United States.


David W Courdin family Courdin Family

Jim Staley, a grandson of Waldensian immigrants who traveled to Uruguay in the 1850s and then to the United States in the 1870s, has written a detailed account of the history of his Courdin family ancestors in their journeys across three continents. This hard-cover book is available through the link above. The book focuses on one Waldensian family, the circumstances which pushed the family to emigrate first for the agricultural colony in South America and then for the Waldensian colony in Missouri, in the United States. Historic and contemporary photographs supplement the text.



Trail of Faith Trail of Faith

The Trail of Faith, located in the community of Valdese, North Carolina, offers a reconstruction of the most important sites of Waldensian history in Piedmont together with sites of local historical interest. Faithful copies of the College of the Barbi, the Chanforan monument and the church of Ciabas are reached by an easy trail that takes visitors by pieces of Valdese history, including the old communal oven, a rock house constructed by Waldensian immigrants, and an old saw mill.




Huguenot Trail Bourdeaux sentier

This site offers information on the trail used by Huguenot refugees and exiles from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries while they looked for safety within france and during their escape to northern Europe. A map of the entire route, which includes neighboring trails in the Waldensian Valleys of Piedmont and a description of the purpose of this international project, are included. A detailed narrative of the trail is also available in French, Italian and German.

Roma Chiesa Valdese Piazza Cavour


Waldensian and Methodist Church of Italy

The website of the Waldensian Church of Italy offers a confession of faith, information about the contemporary Waldensian Church, its individual parishes and institutes across the country, and contacts for the archive and historical society. Information on individual churches are useful for those who plan to travel.