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Our groups are small.

We limit our group to sixteen people.  Small groups fit comfortably into minibuses that carry up to twenty two passengers.  Minibuses can maneuver into narrow streets and closer to hotels and along mountain roads where larger buses cannot travel.  We can house our group in a wider variety of lodgings, closer to more sites, when there are fewer of us. 

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Our itineraries are personalized.

Small groups allow us to make contact more easily with people.  The guide speaks French and Italian as well as English, but he can interpret for only so many people at once.  Small groups permit us to trace the group members’ ties to the areas we visit, and occasionally to visit the villages or even the houses where our travelers’ ancestors lived before emigrating.

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We're open to everyone.

Many of those who travel with us have family ties, even distant ones, to the places we visit in France, Italy and Switzerland, or else have an interest in the history of the Waldenses and Huguenots.  However none of that is required.  It’s more important to have a spirit of adventure, a curiosity about the places we see and the people we meet, some physical stamina for walking, an ability to adapt to new cultures, new foods and new surroundings, and, last but not least, a good sense of humor.  We always have a good time.  You can count on that.

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Itineraries are flexible.

We can arrange for traveling in Italy, France and Switzerland before and after the program.  Occasionally a part of the group wants to visit other sites not included in the itinerary.  That is possible, with enough lead time to plan for that trip.  Contact us with any ideas.



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